Canada’s Military Drone Base Program & Advanced CNC Machining

In a recent news release, Canada’s Department of National Defence revealed it would be investing in an advanced military drone program by establishing a $53-million military drone base in British Columbia. The facility will house three MQ-9B military drones built by the U.S. manufacturer General Atomics. The move aligns with Canada’s commitment to increasing its […]

Bolstering Canada’s Defence in a Time of Global Uncertainty

image representing Canada's defence industry

Canada’s role and responsibilities on the world stage are increasingly under scrutiny. With NATO setting forth a directive for member countries to allocate a minimum of 2% of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to defence, the spotlight is on Canada to upscale its defence spending and manufacturing capabilities. Central to this conversation is the role […]

CNC Machining: The Synergy of Human Skill and Machine Precision

While AI can replace some important knowledge-based positions, the future of CNC machining is human. We make remarkable achievements when human ingenuity pairs seamlessly with the precision of modern technology. Gone are the days when craftsmanship and technology were seen as separate paths. This perfect blend is vividly illustrated in sectors like aerospace, where the […]

How Additive Manufacturing Supports Subtractive Manufacturing

Manufacturing has experienced remarkable advancements in recent years, notably with the rise of additive manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing. This transformative technology has revolutionized traditional manufacturing by enabling the creation of complex and customized parts with unprecedented speed and precision. Unlike subtractive methods, which remove material with CNC machining, additive manufacturing allows for […]

Cost-Saving Strategies in CNC Machining

As a decision maker in your organization, whether a design engineer or purchasing manager, an important aspect of engaging in new CNC machining projects is finding cost savings without sacrificing quality. Aligning with the objectives that matter most to you is an essential first step when beginning a new CNC project. If it’s your goal […]

Ben Machine: Supporting Progress in Aerospace and Defence

As we step further into 2024, the aerospace and defence industries are ready to be driven by innovation and emerging technological advancements. Ben Machine is a CNC machining pioneer, actively redefining what’s possible in the aerospace and defence sectors. What truly distinguishes us as a leader in the CNC machining industry is our advanced manufacturing […]

From CAD to CNC: Streamlining the Machining Design Process

When it comes to the manufacturing industry, efficiency and precision stand as pillars of success, particularly within CNC machining. This is especially true for Canadian industries, where the synergy between design engineers and CNC machining companies, such as Ben Machine, plays a crucial role in maintaining a competitive edge. The process of going from CAD […]

Maximizing CNC Efficiency with Predictive Maintenance

CNC machining is a cornerstone of modern manufacturing, enabling the production of complex parts with unmatched precision. Amidst this backdrop, predictive maintenance for CNC machining presents itself as a major tool for optimizing efficiency and ensuring the longevity of CNC equipment. In this article, we’ll shed light on the transformative impact of predictive maintenance. We’ll […]

CNC Machining Tips for New Operators

Entering the world of CNC machining can be both exciting and daunting for new operators. This field demands precision, dedication, and a continuous willingness to learn. With the right approach and mindset, however, mastering CNC machining can be a highly rewarding endeavour. Here are several essential CNC machining tips tailored for those just starting their […]

5 Benefits of CNC Machining for Mid-Volume Production

CNC Mid-Volume Machine Production

You are familiar with the abilities of custom CNC machining services. Maybe you’ve worked with a CNC machine shop in the past. You know they are invaluable when it comes to designing a part to be manufactured, and for prototyping during development. Stop there, though, and you miss out on a lot of the benefits […]