Sheet Metal Fabrication for the Defense Industry

Sheet Metal Fabrication

While sheet metal fabrication has long been considered a highly stable industry, keeping up with the accelerating pace of change has resulted in new technologies & innovations being introduced to the industry. Ben Machine CEO, Michael Iacovelli notes, “The industry faces important challenges, and we have invested resources and planning to help our customers navigate […]

New Manufacturing Solutions with 5-Axis CNC

Across their 50 years in the manufacturing industry, Ben Machine has witnessed how exciting technological advancements have driven greater demand in parts complexity. Producing tomorrow’s leading-edge military, aerospace and commercial high-tech equipment is requiring more complex geometries, tighter tolerances, and condensed features in machining capabilities. Conventional manufacturing approaches to CNC machining these complex features require […]

Canadian Innovator Ben Machine & Global Defense Aircraft

For more than 20 years, GTA based Ben Machine Products Co. Inc. has been an integral partner in the design and manufacturing of key components for the Lockheed Martin F-35 aircraft. More than an aircraft, this fighter jet delivers a truly global solution in advanced defense aerospace technology. The Lockheed Martin F-35 and Ben Machine Ben Machine’s […]

Supply Chain Disruption Strategies

Ben Machine’s Supply Chain Disruption Strategies Purchasing managers across industries in Canada and beyond have been truly challenged by the supply chain disruptions brought about by the 2020 global pandemic. With clogged ports causing delays, hikes in raw materials threatening bottom lines, and break downs in established reliable supply chains, it may feel like things […]