Precision Sheet Metal Works: Why Work with Ben Machine

Precision Sheet Metal Works

Ben Machine did not achieve our excellence with precision sheet metal manufacturing overnight. We started as a family business nearly 50 years ago. We’ve worked hard. We try to be better every day, doing, learning, researching, and investing in the best technology and manufacturing processes for our precision metals fabricating services.

Consider the industries that make up the bulk of our precision sheet metal fabrication business. In the last half-century, we have grown to dominate high precision manufacturing in the military and defense sectors, aerospace, medical, high-tech commercial, and nuclear industries. Our precision sheet metal works -like everything we do- are cutting edge.

We’re A Genuine One-Stop-Shop

When you contract with a one-stop-shop, you expect them to be able to do the whole job for you. Ben Machine is a true one-stop-shop. We have 3, 4, and 5-axis CNC mills and CNC lathes for all of your metal material shaping needs.

For our high-quality precision sheet metal manufacturing, we have CNC press brakes and punches. Today’s CNC press brakes can manipulate sheet metal into forms that simply couldn’t be managed with earlier technologies. Digital precision is no problem.

Top Level Training Ensures Seamless Quality

Our welders hold military certifications and specifications as well as commercial certifications. They can handle TIG, MIG, and Stick welding on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and aluminum spot welding. Our professionals can even handle aluminum dip-brazing to seal sheet metal enclosures from millimeter RF interference or hot gas intrusion.

Ben Machine has painting, laser cutting, anodizing, conversion coating and other plating techniques, passivation, and silk screening for sheet metal parts.  We can insert electronics, wiring harnesses, and hardware as part of the fabricating processes. We can handle potting of optical components as part of the assembly process.

We are fully equipped for testing of final assemblies, including factors like airflow and pressure, and joint integrity. From engineering to finished product, Ben Machine covers it all.

Team Integration -Yours and Ours

Ben Machine has a staff of highly qualified engineering consultants to help you work out difficult design details for custom sheet metal parts and components. If you need a second set of eyes on a problem, trust someone who knows the limits of what’s possible in manufacturing.

Speed up your product development; make Ben Machine your production partner.

Quality In Step with Our Customers

Half a century of experience, millions of man-hours, and decades of investing in the best tech in the world: that’s made Ben Machine experts in precision sheet metal manufacturing. Across Canada and the US, Ben Machine is known for being a full-service high precision computer numerical control (CNC) manufacturing company with door-to-door services, from design to product finishing.

We’re not just a high mix/low volume shop. We have the capacity to scale your fabrication needs from a simple prototype to a limited specialty run, all the way up to full-scale production. Our customers are at the top of what they do worldwide. That means we have to be at the top of what we do in some of the most demanding and exacting industries out there.

Whatever it is you need, you want to find the best people to make it. When it’s highly technical and mission-critical, so is your decision on who to partner with. So do your homework, then call Ben Machine.