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The Ben Machine Difference in Nuclear Industry

Ben Machine has experience with nuclear machining going all the way back to the 70s and 80s.  That’s a body of knowledge few can match.  While the industry was quietly producing electricity, even with zero industry growth, we’ve been there, working with companies to produce equipment used to keep the reactors running safely and smoothly.

Because any and everything having to do with reactors is so crucial, every new design has to be tested to destruction.  It’s imperative that we know how a part will fail, and under what conditions.  That allows the engineers to design a failover that is tailored for any ways a given part might eventually fail.  Nothing is left to chance.  We need to know the life expectancy of the part is longer than the reactor it’s going into.

Along with destructive testing, every aspect of every single component we produce for use in the nuclear industry is inspected.  While many parts rely on sample testing, the nuclear industry can’t afford that luxury.  Everything is tested and given a serial number -no matter how small the part might be.

Our CNC machining work with the nuclear industry is part of the reason Ben Machine is fully compliant with the CSA Z299.3 and CSA Z299.4 standards.  We maintain AS9100 certification as well.  In support of our CNC nuclear, aerospace, military, and other industry work, we maintain over a hundred CNC machines, including 3, 4, and 5 axis CNC mills and CNC lathes with live tooling.  We also sport a large number of coordinate measuring machines and Renishaw metrology equipment to check every measurement on every part we produce.

Case Study: Nuclear Reactor Tooling Solutions

Ben Machine has worked with companies to produce tooling solutions which are used in reactors the world over.  These components are part of the changes that are allowing older reactors to update and stay in service for years to come.  They increase the safety margins for the plants and include components which provide for easier operations and lower maintenance.  Fulfilling their promise of green energy isn’t simply a matter of paperwork.  These plants are required to update and modernize certain aspects of their operations to make the plants safer over the next twenty years.


Case study: Medical Grade Cobalt-60 Carriers

Not all nuclear material is used in reactors, of course, and Ben Machine has experience in the field of nuclear medicine too.  The safety requirements, inspection regimens, and manufacturing tolerances are just as critical in nuclear medical applications.  The amounts of nuclear material may be less, but it’s also very close to lots of people.  The potential for mishandling nuclear material is sobering.  Ben Machine has worked on the carriers used to transport Cobalt-60 to medical facilities.  Ben Machine’s sheet metal, CNC machining, welding and assembly capabilities has made that possible.

The Role Ben Machine Plays in the Nuclear Industry

As with all industries we work with, our mission isn’t to build the reactors, nuclear medical scanners, or nuclear surgery machines.  Our work enables those things, making sure they can run reliably and safely.  We want to help ensure the nuclear material gets where it needs to be, and that everyone is protected from whatever problems might arise.  We want the responsible people to be able to know the status of their systems and know they can rely on that information.  It’s not exactly glamorous; in fact, the extensive testing and inspections on every single part can make for long days.  But we know the importance of our work, and that’s what keeps Ben Machine striving to be the best.


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