sheet metal fabrication services

Punching, Forming, and Welding

The punching operation is only a starting point in Ben Machine’s precision sheet metal capabilities.

Using our CNC press brakes, we can bend and shape the sheet into complex structures only possible after careful orchestration of the sequence by our expert and experienced engineers. Combining punching and bending operations and performing them in a controlled sequence, we deliver high quality parts to our customers. Finally, Ben Machine’s welders are ready to join parts or permanently seal enclosures.

Our welders are focused on being able to do very light gauge ferrous and non-ferrous sheet metal work. As they have years of experience in holding military welding certifications and specifications, welding military and aerospace fabrications, they can also meet commercial welding specifications.

Assembly, Finishing, and more

Ben Machine’s additional value-added operations, which include hardware insertion, potting, and testing are part of a complete part solution for our customers.

We can produce an enclosure with threaded inserts installed along with a matching cover plate. These parts can then move across our facility for your plating or painting needs. As transportation costs are reduced with these in-house services, your overall part cost is reduced and parts reach your facility just-in-time, ready for immediate installation into your products.

Ben Machine’s experience and equipment can punch, form, join, and finish components ranging from rigid support brackets to complex aerospace enclosures—all to your exact requirements and expectations.

sheet metal fabrication

Learn how Ben Machine can tailor its precision sheet metal services for your parts.

Learn how Ben Machine can tailor its precision sheet metal services for your parts.