Our Precision Machining Services And More


Ben Machine’s experts develop turn-key solutions to the most challenging component problems. Functioning as your company’s manufacturing and quality engineering team, we deliver projects on time and budget. Learn more about Ben Machine’s engineering services.

CNC Machining

With over 100 CNC machines in house, Ben Machine brings scale and quality in the delivery of tight tolerance high precision military CNC machining work. Learn more about Ben Machine’s precision machining services for military and defence.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

The difference between forming metal and subtractive manufacturing offers our customers many more solutions to produce a part at best efficiency. Learn how Ben Machine delivers value with precision components manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, provides the ability to lower both cost and lead time for investment casting tooling projects. Additive manufacturing can be a great solution for parts with intricate internal passages or external features. Learn more about our innovative approaches with investment casting and additive manufacturing applications.

Welding and Assembly

From welding to assembly, our certified welders and manufacturing experts have solved complex challenges in some of the most demanding industries. Experience the value Ben Machine delivers in solving fabrication and assembly problems and delivering turn-key solutions for your parts.


Finishing services including chromate conversion, anodizing, plating, heat treatment, painting, non-destructive testing and more; all aimed to deliver immediate cost savings to our customers. And with all these functions under one roof, our clients save transportation costs as well. Learn more about Ben Machine finishing services.


As a leader in investment casting, Ben Machine provides a near-final shape part, effectively lowering both material and machining costs through the process. We specialize in producing parts containing thin walls or passages with thin webbing. These parts are not only a challenge to cast, but also require specialized processes and techniques Ben Machine has refined with years of experience. Learn how your business can benefit from Ben Machine’s precision investment casting services.

Dip Brazing

Ben Machine is a leader in dip brazing, thanks to the development of unique expertise in engineering, designing, manufacturing and assembling complex aerospace enclosures. In place of laser or other welding methods, dip brazing can complete structures that are impossible to weld. By fusing the components simultaneously, the cycle time is very quick and does not require the elaborate sequencing that the welding method demands, saving customers time and money. Learn more about our dip brazing expertise as a solution for your manufacturing challenges.

Inspections and Testing

Ben Machine maintains a high ratio of CMM to CNC machines, verifying production without delaying throughput of product. Our inspection processes and FAIs are fully automated with a robust Quality Management System (QMS) and the latest quality engineering software. You provide us with your requirements, and we provide you with a high quality finished part, all done on site. Learn more about inspections and testing and Ben Machine.

Ben Machine is a full-service precision CNC manufacturing facility. Our range of services is compliant with military, aerospace, nuclear and commercial standards, including AS9100 and ISO 9001.

Talk to us about your manufacturing requirements
Talk to us about your manufacturing requirements