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Investments in Expertise and Capacity

We have invested millions of dollars into our current plant and equipment, enabling us to grow our capacity and services. Housed in over 120,000 square feet across two facilities, we offer all services on-site. With significant room to expand, we can easily double our capacity overnight. Our team of experts includes more than 200 highly skilled tradespeople, engineers, along with management and support staff to see your projects from inception to completion.

Strategic Acquisitions & Sector Leadership

Maintaining our leadership position in highly competitive industries has led to highly valuable strategic acquisitions that translate into a unique combination of expertise, services, and productive capacity all under one roof.

Our recent acquisition of Macfab delivers expertise and additional capacity for high precision, tight tolerance CNC machined parts and full end-to-end precision manufacturing solutions including finishing, assembly, and cleanroom operations.

Our sister company PAL Aerospace provides unparalleled aerospace solutions drawing on decades of global experience in aircraft engineering.

We are a proud division of Exchange Income Corporation, a diversified Canadian corporation focused on opportunities in aerospace, aviation and manufacturing.

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Ready for Tomorrow

With our extensive resources and capacity, we are ready to solve new challenges with greater complexities. We steadily upgrade our technological capabilities and broaden our services, providing a one stop shop for all your sub-contracting needs. Think of Ben Machine as an extension of your company.