CNC Machined Component Gallery

These highly precise components are made from aerospace grade aluminum and machined on one of Ben Machine’s more than 100 CNC machines. Special lapping, grinding and cryogenic freezing processes have been used to achieve the required tight tolerances.

Both parts have been finished with chromate conversion, one of which is RoHS and REACH compliant, while the other contains standard military grade hexavalent chrome.

These parts are used in a variety of military mission equipment, including tactical air surveillance and reconnaissance mission systems and ruggedized electronic control units for armoured personnel carriers.

Investment Castings Gallery

Ben Machine’s investment castings produce precise components while minimizing material waste, energy, and subsequent machining.

These examples are made from aerospace aluminum specifically designed for casting purposes. They have both been anodized, chromate converted and painted to exacting standards, with one having been painted using a wet paint system while the other is powder coated.

They are used in various military applications, including critical covert surveillance, reconnaissance, search and rescue mission equipment on manned and unmanned aircraft.

Sheet Metal Component Gallery

Ben Machine’s sheet metal fabrication department produces aluminum, stainless steel, plastic and copper parts that are then assembled and finished on premises.

Ben Machine has focused its attention on highly precise sheet metal components, constantly achieving tolerances that are significantly tighter than those possible at most commercial sheet metal fabricators.

The components in these photographs are used in a variety of applications, including shields for electronic equipment on military tanks and enclosures for radiation detection systems at border control.

Dip Brazing Gallery

Dip brazing is a highly efficient process where aluminum components are fused by flowing an aluminum filler between joints in a molten salt bath. Upon cooling, the aluminum filler forms a very strong and reliable bond without the distortion typical in processes like welding.

These extremely complicated electronic enclosure examples have been manufactured using dozens of different machined and formed parts, including intricate lanced and offset heat fin, all fused together with the dip brazing process.

They are used in a range of defence and commercial aerospace applications, including landing gear control units, power control modules and electronic enclosure assemblies for fighter jets and rotary aircraft.

Optical, Electrical and Mechanical Assemblies

Optical, electrical and mechanical assembly can be complex, risky, and time consuming. With decades of experience in all these areas, Ben Machine can easily assemble any of your most challenging requirements.

These examples show the product of some of the most cutting-edge assembly techniques. Military coated glass lenses bonded and installed at specific angles with tight tolerances. Electrical systems built directly into machined components. Advanced cryogenic freezing and lapping processes used on complex assemblies. Nothing is too difficult.

Whether you are building high-altitude long-range air surveillance and reconnaissance mission systems or stabilized sighting systems for land-based platforms, we can help.