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A Case Study - Fabrication of Radiation Detection Equipment

Ben Machine’s wide internal capabilities have been employed in the manufacture of radiation detection equipment for homeland security across Canada and the US for many years. Our end-to-end solutions include the fabrication, welding, precision machining and electrical assembly work, all done on-site. The heightened importance of quality control and precision tolerancing, along with the ability to develop custom tooling when required, have made Ben Machine a trusted partner in radiation detection unit manufacture.

Inspecting cargo moving through ports and border crossings for radiation is a critical step in protecting our citizens. Getting products to market is done on a demanding schedule. As a result, speed and reliability is essential to keeping the economy moving. Today, border crossings are equipped with drive-through radiation detectors to speed the process of transport truck inspections.

These radiation detection units are designed to be simple in outward appearance, however they house important detector and pulse processors which can be seen on either side of the roadway at the border crossing. Ben Machine has delivered precise, finished enclosures with the assembly of all electrical components necessary for the accurate and reliable functioning of the radiation detection equipment used in airports and border crossings.

A Case Study - Ben Machine and the Arctic North Warning System

In support of its obligations to protect and secure our borders, Canada and the United States built the North Warning System. This system of 47 radar sites spans the Arctic from Labrador to the Alaska border and serves a critical role in our homeland security. The system has the ability to detect airborne threats across North America’s polar region.

Leveraging our experience in military and defence, Ben Machine has been heavily involved in the manufacture of these specialized radar systems that must operate autonomously and reliably in the harsh cold of the northern arctic.

While the fabrication of these structures is challenging and accuracy critical, a system developed for the arctic requires added precision and a higher degree of skill to produce. In addition to the sheet metal fabrication involved, Ben Machine also provides the internal plating and painting services that these units require. Ben Machine coordinates these projects from procurement of raw materials right through to the final shipment from the loading dock. This operational integration delivers the quality required so that the risk and adversity associated with the operation of these systems is minimized.

A Case Study - Clean Manufacturing for Laser Projection Systems

Movie goers enjoy a better theatre experience thanks to big advancements in the technology that lies inside the theatre laser projection system.

Laser projection systems pose significant problems for manufacturers. The systems must be extremely clean, yet traditional manufacturing processes leave dirt behind. Even a microscopic foreign object can cause a projection system to fail.

Ben Machine and its divisions have developed thorough, clean manufacturing processes, both during machining operations and after manufacturing is complete. These processes allow us to achieve levels of cleanliness that ensure the projection systems are consistently accurate and operational.

Our manufacturing experts can help design a cleaning process that will ensure your products are free of all kinds of foreign objects and debris. 

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