Finishing Services

Painting, anodizing, chromate conversion and more—all done on site.

Ben Machine is a full service facility. You provide us with your requirements and we provide you with a high quality finished part, all done on site. Our finishing services include: anodizing, chromate conversion, painting, silk screening, plating, heat treatment, non-destructive testing and much more.

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Metal Finishing Services Ontario

Paint and Chromate Conversion

Painting is not a simple process when required to meet high military standards and those of other industries with detailed requirements.

Our NADCAP approved painting process is thoroughly reviewed to confirm MIL spec and RAL color specifications.

Painters at Ben Machine conduct tests on representative samples to validate paint adhesion to the base material and verify the thickness of the paint typically measured in MILs.

Our chromate conversion (alodining process) provides a thin layer of protection over the part. Chromating prior to painting also improves the adhesion of the paint to the part. Your part may require this as the last operation for corrosion resistance or to reduce electrical conductivity of the part. Chromate conversion does not impact the part dimensions as it is a thin electrochemical coating. Our experienced experts and finishing staff can process your parts to original hexavalent chrome requirements, or in accordance with the new hex-free chrome requirements that are fully compliant with RoHS and REACH.

Anodizing, Plating, and More

A more robust electrochemical operation available at Ben Machine’s facility is anodizing. While we offer various types of anodizing, across various alloys, Ben Machine are experts at hard coat anodizing also known as Type – III.

This coating provides excellent corrosion resistance and improves the wear characteristics of a part. Compared to chromate conversion, this process can increase the size of the part. As a solution provider to our customer, our engineers layout the process necessary to account for this growth in the part. The parts leave our facility dimensionally and functionally ready for installation and go into the most challenging environments, to remain there for a long time.

Metal Finishing Services Ontario

Versatile processes allow Ben Machine to meet an abundance of requirements such as silk screening. Ben Machine can generate logos, part information, warning information, and silk screen them with different colours to provide a professional looking and durable identification information on a part.

With strong supplier partnerships, Ben Machine also offers various heat treatment options, non-destructive testing, plating and more to meet a range of customer requirements.

Learn more about our Finishing Services.

Learn more about our Finishing Services.