cnc inspections and testing

5-Axis CMM Inspections

Ben Machine, as a leader in machining tight tolerance precision parts, has a range of advanced inspection equipment. An example includes our stable of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) using the latest PH20 Renishaw heads, creating true 5-axis CMM capability. These heads not only increase accuracy, but significantly reduce inspection times. Our CMM programmers optimize inspection routines to work interchangeably on any of our CMMs. For smaller parts, Ben Machine has invested in optical systems and manual inspection tools. These machines allow us to inspect parts and features too small to inspect on the CMM.

Quality Technology

Ben Machine recognized decades ago the importance of utilizing technology to enhance quality systems. Our Quality Management System (QMS) software automates and authenticates each step in the quality process. Our quality team employs DISCUS Software to automate FAI, effectively reducing the time our skilled machinists and quality personnel spend on data collection and input. First article inspection is a mutual investment at the outset of a new relationship which ensures both quality and cost effectiveness. Our investment in digitalization benefits all by making cradle to grave part documentation and storage simple for future production.

cnc inspections and testing
cnc inspections and testing

Finished Product Testing

Our end-to-end manufacturing capabilities include testing equipment to validate that the finishing operations are conforming to spec. We can perform on-site pressure, flow and integrity checks following assembly and finishing. We can validate that our anodizing and chromate conversion are the correct thickness and coverage.Our on-site painting facility inspects for RAL values, adhesion, gloss levels, and proper thickness. We have partners in place if any performance testing of the finishing processes is required.

Our quality team likes to share the processes and equipment in place. The initiatives they implement proactively improve quality and reduce risk.

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