Complying with Controlled Goods, ITAR and Export Controls

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A lot of what we do at Ben Machine involves contributing to the defence of our nation and our allies.  That, unfortunately, comes with a certain level of concern.  Protecting our interests and those of our customers requires a lot of extra attention to details we wouldn’t have to worry about if we were just making parts for toasters.

The Laws Controlling Military CNC Machining

The US has ITAR -the International Traffic in Arms Regulations.  This body of requirements and guidelines dictates documentation, security, and restrictions on US-based companies that have anything to do with equipment or other material used in national defence.  Canada’s version of ITAR is the CGP, or the Controlled Goods Program.

The two programs are pretty analogous, covering virtually the same types of goods and imposing similar restrictions on the companies that manufacture, maintain, or sell them.  Ben Machine has long been registered with the CGP.  Our work with both the space and defence industries makes it a necessary requirement for us to do business.  Our CGP registration makes it possible for US companies working within ITAR restrictions to do business with us.

It’s All in the Details

Any defence machining contract covered by CGP requirements automatically means additional documentation for us.  That requires more manpower and increased costs.  Fortunately, our integrated software systems are designed to accommodate much of that.  Additional reports and forms are flagged for attention or automatically populated for our CNC machined and fabricated parts, streamlining our extra work and making sure we don’t miss the required steps.

Most companies our size don’t have the resources to comply with all of the CGP export document controls to license shipments.  Few companies our size are equipped to handle the nuances and requirements that come with this level of security.  This has led to Ben Machine receiving military CNC machining contracts that companies our size would normally not succeed at winning.

The Broader Scope of Controlling Controlled Goods

Those security concerns don’t stop at the warehouse doors.  A large part of the CGP requirements cover issues like cybersecurity.  That topic seems to become more problematic with every passing day.  State-sponsored tensions are high these days, and that says nothing about the simple bad actors that are always looking to acquire sensitive information for ransom.

Defence machining involves some of the most sought-after information on the cyber security front.  Thefts of design details in the US have severely hampered major projects in the past.  Ben Machine is determined to ensure nothing like that happens in our silo.  Cyber attacks have risen each of the last several years, with double-digit increases last year alone.  The software we use to interface with our customers is designed with security in mind to make sure no one has access to anything other than what is necessary.

Protecting ourselves through multiple security measures is just part of the landscape when you work with a defence machining company as sophisticated as Ben Machine.  We’ve invested heavily in the necessary measures required to make sure nothing interferes with the work we love to do, which is precision CNC machining and sheet metal fabrication.  If you have security concerns about an upcoming project, contact us.  We’ll be happy to show you just how secure we can keep your business.


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