Multi-Million Dollar Investment in Advanced Manufacturing

9-axis Swiss Turning Machine


It seems like we never stop advancing at Ben Machine.  Sometimes it’s developing new CNC milling techniques.  Sometimes it’s new finishing processes or new reporting software.  And sometimes it’s bringing in a bunch of new CNC machines.

Ben Machine has spent millions of dollars already this year on adding new equipment to our production floor.  We’ve been running at capacity, so these machines will allow us to take on new work that’s already making its way through the design process.

Vertical Mills

The workhorse of most CNC shops is the vertical mill, and we’re no exception.  We’re adding five new Haas UMC500s.  These 5-axis CNC machines have become our standard go-to machines for most highly complex jobs, if you can call one of the most advanced high-speed, multiaxis, precision machines “standard”.  With speeds up to 12,000 RPM, a 30-tool changer, and both wired and wireless network connections, these machines will boost our productivity significantly.

Each includes a wireless intuitive probing system from Renishaw. Couple that with network connectivity, and these machines have the ability to mill a part, take measurements of relevant features, then send the information directly to dedicated software.  That information can be used to populate reports, allowing us to determine immediately if parts are within tolerance, or if we need to adjust any machining parameters.

We’re also taking delivery of two new 3-axis CNC machines.  The Haas VF-2SS may not have all the advanced capabilities of the 5-axis CNC machines, but they are perfect for efficient and cost-effective machining of simpler components that are always needed.  Why would you use a Ferrari to take your kids to school when it is much better to take them in an SUV? They have the same 30-tool changer, network access, 12,000 RPM speeds, and the ability for operators to monitor progress remotely if necessary.

CNC Lathes

We have two new lathes on the floor.  One large capacity lathe will help support work on the big Haas mills.  A smaller lathe with live tooling will be turning out complex components as well.

9-Axis Swiss Turning Machine

The most amazing new tool will be our new 9-axis Swiss turning machine.  9-axis machines are unparalleled for their ability to turn complex shapes quickly.  Dual spindles work simultaneously on the stock.  One spindle approaches the stock head-on, while another comes up from behind.  That allows the two to work together without interfering with each other.  Each spindle has its own tool selection, so capabilities can be tailored for each new job.  This new 9-axis CNC machine also has the ability to run “lights out”, meaning it can be left to run unattended, even overnight, and will continuously feed itself new raw stock.

5-Axis CMM

Last, but certainly not least, is yet another 5-axis coordinate measuring machine.  This CMM is crucial to allow us to maintain our testing and quality control standards.  The 5-axis head can reach any recess, slot, or hole to gather accurate measurements.  The 5-axis movement is especially helpful here because the probe arm can be moved much faster than the head itself, allowing multiple measurements to be taken quickly from one position.  This ensures accuracy while keeping up with the workload.  This CMM will also tie into our reporting software and populate easy-to-read reports for our customers.

Growth can be problematic, but what a good problem to have.  We at Ben Machine are grateful for the continued support of our customers, and we are determined to keep surpassing your expectations.  And if you have a new project which requires the highest quality CNC machining, we have your solution.


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