Techniques to Improve the Speed of the CNC Machining Process

CNC machining process

New product development is one of those things that seems to take forever, and there’s just no way around it.  It’s one of those “haste makes waste” situations.  You double and triple-check everything when every dimension matters on complex parts.  Then when the CNC experts have to turn the product plans into manufacturing plans, a new set of slow, cautious steps starts.  There are steps, however, that can speed up CNC machining process.

Spotting Oversights Early

During the initial planning stages, time spent verifying dimensions is never wasted.  It’s not uncommon for us to receive a set of plans and find a dimension of one view contradicted by a different view.  Sometimes dimensions get missed entirely.

If our experts haven’t been involved in the design development, we sometimes find that there is (or appears to be) a better choice for raw stock.  That could be based on the stock’s raw dimensions, or it could have to do with some physical properties of an alloy that might suit the part better.

Work Together; Work Smarter

When we do start in earnest to plan the CNC machining process for your parts, trust that we’ll take all the time we need to get it right.  But that speaks to another thing you can do to speed up the production process.  Bring in a CNC machine shop like Ben Machine early in the design process.  We have centuries of experience in our staff.  Our experts work with incredibly complex designs every day; they can see things others miss.  They recognize why these cuts should be made before those holes are drilled, or where excess material should be left on the blank for hold-down purposes.  Those almost instinctive calls can not only save huge amounts of time but can save a lot of money in material as well.

Sending Out Our Best Every Day

We can speed up your time to prototype testing, then as our experts collaborate with yours, we can incorporate any changes prompted by the test results with minimal delay.  That allows you to move to the next prototype quickly.

Once we start production, our banks of high-end CNC machines mean a fast turnaround for your product.  Our batteries of coordinate measuring machines mean every part if need be, can be tested on the spot.  Problems are tagged immediately, and any defects are reworked, or the part is rejected and replaced.

A one-stop CNC machine shop like Ben Machine saves you a lot of time and money simply by cutting out using multiple vendors for various operations.  The machining plan development, all the machining itself, assembly, finishing, measurement and testing, cleaning, packing, and shipping are all under one roof.  You can forget about parts having to be packaged and shipped out for finishing or taken somewhere else for cleaning and packaging.  Those delays and added expenses just go away when you work with us.  Our decades of experience working in the most mission-critical industries means there’s very little we’ve not done, and there’s not much we can’t accomplish for you.


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