Supporting Sport: A Part of Ben Machine Philanthropy Initiatives

csr in manufacturing industry

The Caledon Cavaliers first formed in 2001 when the Humberview High School Sr. Boys & Girls Rugby teams wanted to keep playing after graduating.  The club consisted of adult men’s and women’s teams until 2007, when it suddenly disbanded.

The rugby club was resurrected two years ago, and last year received a Town of Caledon Municipal, Agricultural & Community grant.  The Cavaliers didn’t just come back, though.  The new incarnation of the club has teams for everyone ages five and up -and when they say everyone, they mean everyone.

Inclusion is the Name of the Game

Dr. Karen Chrobak is the Chief Medical Officer for Rugby Ontario as well as the CMO for the Cavaliers.  Karen is a true cheerleader for rugby.  She played in high school, and she’s quick to explain rugby is a safe sport that’s accessible to everyone, regardless of abilities or training.  The Cavaliers play flag and touch rugby for the younger players, while contact rugby is available for adults.

Much of the club activities for the Rookie Rugby players have to do with training.  Winter training programs are held at the Caledon Centre for Recreation & Wellness in Bolton.  These exercises are designed to improve speed, stamina, and dexterity on the field.  Doctor Chrobak, however, says the biggest benefit to the kids is building self-confidence.

CSR in Manufacturing Industry

Ben Machine’s own Michael Iacovelli is serving as the club president, and Ben Machine has joined with various other community businesses to offset expenses and make sure this opportunity is open to everyone in the community that’s interested in joining.  We understand the value of CSR in manufacturing industry and we appreciate the importance of businesses supporting the communities that support them.

Unlike their first incarnation, the Cavaliers are now “a fully inclusive rugby club that is developing grassroots rugby and nurturing the love of the game that has made itself apparent in the area.”  The love for rugby in the region is easy to see; there are about 40 rugby clubs in the Toronto area.

When CNC Machining Hands Off to the Kids

Michael also volunteers on the coaching staff for the Rookie Rugby indoor programs and has dedicated an immense amount of time to making the organization the success it has become today.  By focusing on grassroots rugby and treating the sport as a way of life, more or less, the hope is that kids will learn to value the sport as part of a healthy life balance as they grow up.  Today’s rookie players will be in tomorrow’s scrum.  Off-season rugby is also excellent training for hockey players.

Plato said, “The ideal citizen is the scholar-athlete, the man of thought and the man of action.”  Michael proves the truth of that every day, working with the most advanced and sensitive aspects of CNC machining, then devoting his attention to kids who truly benefit from his efforts.   If you have kids (of any age) that would like to take a look at rugby in the Caledon or Bolton area, you can learn more on the Cavalier’s website.  They also have steady openings for volunteers.  Giving our young people opportunities to become scholar athletes is something that we can’t ignore; it will always pay dividends.


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