Machining Services For Custom Machined Parts For Every Industry

CNC Custom Machine Parts for Every Industry

There’s one truism about advancements in the last seventy years. In just about every field, new developments have almost always pushed boundaries -new materials, new manufacturing techniques, and new size limits (smaller, of course). In the early days of any major development, the work generally falls on the most advanced and innovative people. They’re the ones who have to figure out just how to turn drawings into real things that no one’s ever seen before. They call it the bleeding edge, and that’s where you’ll find Ben Machine.

Machining Parts Yield New Abilities

More and more new innovations rely on machined parts. Our understanding of material properties and component interactions at ever smaller dimensions drives up the complexity of new components. It may be the latest smartphone, an aircraft control, or sensors on the newest electric vehicle; machining services are called on by just about every industry these days. A lot of it comes back to expecting everything to do more than it has in the past. Our radio isn’t just sound; it tells us who’s singing on screen. Our car can be our phone, and our phone can be…well, just about anything.

Weapons and tactical gear carried on the battlefield are the same way. Today’s soldiers have capabilities that would have seemed just this side of magical a few years ago. Machined parts make it not just possible but practical for soldiers to shoot around corners without exposing themselves and see clearly on a moonless night.

Machining Services Shrinking the World

Twenty years ago, laptops might be a little cumbersome. Today they’re just as heavy, but they’re a quarter of the size they used to be. Laptops, tablets, and phones feel dense. The components that make them hugely faster and more capable than their predecessors are carefully designed and arranged to fill the smallest possible space. The same thing is happening in our satellites. Instead of being car-sized, they’re little “CubeSats” now that you can hold in your hand. Machining services make all of this miniaturization possible.

Improving Life at Home and Work

The Internet of Things is transforming our homes. Lighting, climate control, alarms, hazard sensors, and remote locking of doors rely to varying degrees on machined parts. Sensors and servos turn your irrigation on and off as needed while the robot mows your lawn, and your doorbell watches the porch. When these things were first being developed, they all required machining services. And of course, these home devices were offshoots of commercial applications. Wearable Carbon Monoxide sensors are saving lives daily. Commercial lighting and climate control can save thousands of dollars a year for a company. Keeping fields watered automatically saves farmers money and optimizes the use of a dwindling resource. Designing a new irrigation servo is one thing. Designing one that can open and close automatically thousands of times without leaking is considerably more impressive.

Ben Machine isn’t in the business of manufacturing millions of servos. That’s just not us. But when you want to produce a new device that will rely on complex parts that have to work every time, year after year, come talk to us. Our engineers can work with your designers. We’ll make sure it will work like it’s supposed to and last like your customers expect it to. What’s more, we’ll make sure it’s engineered to manufacture. After all, if you’re going to sell millions of them, those details count. And that is what Ben Machine does.