How Recent Governmental Changes Impact the Defence Sector

Strong Secure Engage

In recent weeks, the Canadian cabinet has experienced a notable shift. Bill Blair, the new Minister of Defence, has taken the helm, bringing with him fresh ideas and renewed vigour. We would like to extend our gratitude to Anita Anand, the former Minister of Defence, for her commendable service during her tenure. As we welcome Mr. Blair, it’s crucial to take stock of the impact these changes may have on the defence sector, particularly in manufacturing.

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Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

As the new Minister of Defence, Bill Blair inherits a challenging landscape, particularly in terms of investment in the defence sector. The government’s ongoing commitment to the defence strategy and plan requires a keen understanding of the complexities involved.

The commitment to modernize the military and defence, and increase the defence budget to 2% of GDP is a challenging but vital endeavour. Currently, the Canadian government is spending 1.26% of its budget on defence.

Challenges and Opportunities Ahead


Canadian companies, including SMEs, have a unique opportunity to contribute to the nation’s defence capabilities. With its expertise in the defence and security sector, Ben Machine is poised to be at the forefront of these developments. Companies like Ben Machine, skilled in CNC machining, play an essential role in producing high-quality components vital for defence applications.

Economic Benefits of a Robust Defence Policy

Canada’s defence policy, “Strong, Secure, Engaged,” seeks to bolster the nation’s military capabilities while simultaneously providing economic benefits. By involving the private sector and SMEs in defence capability development, Canada can foster the growth of the defence industrial base.

The skilled application of CNC machining is key to producing precise, high-quality components for defence applications. This is where companies like Ben Machine, renowned for their expertise in CNC machining and defence and security, can truly shine.

Canada’s strategic move towards 2% of GDP in defence spending has the potential to stimulate economic growth, particularly in the research and development sectors. By fostering innovation and economic development in the defence sector, Canada can strengthen its national security and make a more significant mark on the global stage.

Impact on Canada’s Relationship with the United States

The recent changes in the Canadian government may have ripple effects on Canada’s relationship with the United States, a crucial defence and security partner. Collaboration between these two countries is essential, especially within the defence industrial base. 

As the new Minister of Defence grapples with these considerations, it is imperative to strengthen cooperation, streamline supply chains, and align defence policies to ensure a secure North American continent.

Closing Thoughts

The appointment of Bill Blair as the new Minister of Defence is a pivotal moment for the Canadian defence sector. While the road ahead is laden with challenges, particularly concerning the defence strategy and plan, the potential benefits of a robust defence policy cannot be understated.

At Ben Machine, we are committed to contributing to a stronger and more secure Canada. With our expertise in CNC machining and defence and security, we are ready to play our part in this new chapter of Canadian governance. Let us work together to build a better future for our nation.