CNC Machining: Manufacturing To Customer’s Requirements and Just-In-Time

Manufacturing CNC Machines To Customer Needs & Just In Time

The Army figured out long ago that supply and logistics is both complicated and important enough they created the Quartermaster Corps to keep soldiers supplied. Good CNC machine shops get that. Every new CNC machining job starts one of two ways -with raw materials or with a casting that roughs in the part’s shape. Either way, the shop has to have the materials or the castings to begin work. That’s why the communication and integration between you and your machine shop are so vital.

Using Your Time Wisely

Your engineers can spend weeks or months designing a product. In today’s connected business environment, it’s a missed opportunity not to keep your CNC machine shop in the loop as the product design comes into focus. If the shop knows they’re going to be CNC machining certain parts for you, they can help your designers plan the components to be a good fit for the dimensional stock. That minimizes waste and saves you money. If castings are involved, they know where hold-downs need to be built into the casting to make machining faster and easier -again, saving you money. Shops like Ben Machine specialize in thin-wall CNC machining on castings. Knowing how thin to design the walls of casting can cut down on the material costs. Those, however, are optimizations a good CNC machine shop like Ben Machine knows, and your designers likely don’t. Your engineers don’t work with the latest CNC machines every day. We do.

Size Matters

Manufacturing CNC machining is terribly complicated, but those complications often provide opportunities for cost savings if you know how to find them. If you’re looking at a large production run (or the potential for a large run if your product takes off), size matters. CNC shops like Ben Machine have more capabilities and flexibility. With our half-century of history and connections, we’re better able to secure material deliveries than other shops. We can afford to stock the quantities your project will require. Piecemeal purchasing is tricky, and it often leads to production delays and inconsistent quality. If your product is critical, your supply line is critical. Ben Machine has the resources to keep this from being a problem.

The Extra Mile

The pandemic taught the world a few new terms, one of which is “supply chain disruption”. Something as simple as people staying home instead of going into the office threw many manufacturers for a loop. While some manufacturers had trouble just maintaining normal production levels, others found themselves trying to ramp up production, and others shut down entirely.

Procurement and logistics in that kind of environment are a nightmare. Companies like Ben Machine are uniquely positioned to maintain production capabilities in tough times, and we can meet your production needs, and then some. We’re fully equipped to handle all of your CNC machining needs. This you know. We’re also well equipped to handle assembly. Alongside the best welders in the industry, we have a large assembly facility. We can manufacture your parts requiring CNC machining, then assemble them with your other components, to provide you with prepared assemblies or finished products. Instead of thirty SKUs in your inventory, you have one. That’s smart inventory control on your part.

Ben Machine’s ability to manufacture to your specifications and your timeline is no accident, and it’s far from all we do. Our team, the centuries of experience they bring, and the decades of operational expertise we have in this industry make us an easy choice for your CNC machining needs.