Ben Machine and EIC’s Collaborative Journey

At Ben Machine, our journey is intertwined with the remarkable story of Exchange Income Corporation (EIC). As a part of this dynamic and diversified family, we’re a key player in a vast network that’s reshaping the landscape of essential services.

EIC’s broad spectrum of companies, each contributing their unique strengths, empowers us with a fusion of resources and resilience, essential for making our mark in today’s fast-paced manufacturing world.

The Strength of Relationships

Our bond with EIC is a thriving partnership that expands our horizons. This collaboration introduces us to a world of possibilities with sister companies like PAL Aerospace, Overlanders Manufacturing, and Hanson Industries.

For instance, Hanson’s expertise in water jet cutting and metal stamping opens new doors for us, allowing Ben Machine to explore and excel in areas beyond our traditional scope.

Leveraging Collective Expertise

Being part of the EIC family means we’re in a prime position to share and benefit from collective expertise. With EIC’s backing, we’ve helped enhance our sister companies’ capabilities in handling sensitive defence projects, adhering to the Controlled Goods Program (CGP) standards. This collaboration has also enabled us to embrace advanced technologies, integrating cloud-based solutions for more efficient data management.

Geographical and Industrial Diversification

Diversity is our strength. The EIC network’s wide geographical spread and varied industrial focus give Ben Machine a unique edge. Close collaboration with the engineering teams at PAL Aerospace, just a stone’s throw away from our facility, means we’re tapping into a wealth of aerospace expertise, enhancing our offerings and capabilities.

Collective Strength and Autonomous Operations

In EIC’s unique ecosystem, we enjoy the best of both worlds: the autonomy to innovate and operate as per our core strengths, and the backing of a robust network. This synergy amplifies our reach and capabilities, enabling us to stand out in the CNC manufacturing industry while remaining true to our identity and ethos.

Supportive Network Benefits and Diversity

Our affiliation with EIC is a commitment to making a difference. The network’s reach across Canada, especially in remote and Indigenous communities, underlines our dedication to socially responsible practices. From medevac operations to fire suppression efforts, our collective efforts in these critical services fill us with pride and a deep sense of purpose.

Expanding Horizons: Ben Machine within the EIC Family

Being a part of the EIC family means we’re contributing to a narrative much larger than ourselves. Our relationships within this network represent our role in shaping industries like aerospace and emergency services.

Powered by diversity and driven by innovation we stand tall. Our partnership with EIC and its subsidiaries is a synergy that fosters resilience, inspires innovation, and nurtures a sense of community. This collective strength, coupled with our dedication to precision and excellence in CNC manufacturing, positions us as a leader ready to tackle diverse and complex projects.

For our clients and stakeholders, partnering with Ben Machine means collaborating with a company bolstered by the resources of a vast network, yet agile and focused like an independent operation. We are part of a grand story of growth, resilience, and unwavering commitment to excellence.