5 Benefits of CNC Machining for Mid-Volume Production

CNC Mid-Volume Machine Production

You are familiar with the abilities of custom CNC machining services. Maybe you’ve worked with a CNC machine shop in the past. You know they are invaluable when it comes to designing a part to be manufactured, and for prototyping during development. Stop there, though, and you miss out on a lot of the benefits of working with a custom CNC machining service.

You save money by relying on a CNC machine shop like Ben Machine to optimize your parts for manufacturing. You speed development by relying on us to create prototypes for testing. In the end, our custom CNC machining services provide you with a superior product ready to produce.

Prototyping by Any Other Name

The value a custom CNC machining service like Ben Machine brings to prototyping is that the prototypes are spot-on and accurate to the finished product. That means we’re already tooled up to produce your parts when the time comes. We know what tooling is required, and all the steps. Using Ben Machine for mid-level production saves the learning curve any other facility would require. This alone will save you weeks getting to market.


If you’re working with Ben Machine, we know what raw materials are required, and in what form factors. If you’re starting with investment castings, we’ve been working with the casting house. We have everything in place to procure what’s needed for your product. Given the supply chain disruptions of the last few years, that is no small feat.


Custom CNC machined parts almost always require more work once they’re shaped. Of course, Ben Machine will produce the quality assurances and testing, but the parts generally will require some sort of finishing. By the time production is ready to start, Ben Machine is already set up to finish your parts, too. We have the right paints or other treatments, the facilities are set up, and we’re ready to run with your product. That’s another big time saver and fewer chances for missteps.

From Parts to Assemblies

Really good custom CNC machining services want to do as much for you as possible. That includes assembling your finished parts. You may need them assembled into a finished product or individual parts put together into assemblies for later installation. Either way, even with production in the thousands, Ben Machine should be your first choice for that work. Having us assemble the parts into fully tested assemblies for your own production line can mean you have to track one SKU instead of 30. That can be a huge timesaver on the line, in the warehouse, and in the front office.

Building Stability

In these interesting times in which we live, there is real value in building stable business relationships. Profitability, timetables, getting raw materials, and quality parts -there are a lot of benefits to patronizing businesses you can count on, like Ben Machine. The smart businessman fosters those relationships that pay real dividends, now and in the future. Utilizing Ben Machine for mid-level production runs is both cost effective and stabilizing for your business.